A+ Liver Capsules *Certified Organic


Our new Organic Beef Liver Capsules are now available for presale. All orders will be shipped on Monday 31st January. 

Please note products ordered with the A+ Beef Liver capsules will also be shipped on Monday 31st January. 

100% Organic Australian grass-fed and finished beef liver
Non-defatted leaving vital fat-soluble nutrients A, D, E & K intact. 
- Freeze-dried preserving heat-sensitive nutrients and biological activity.
- 100% purity: no fillers, preservatives, anti-caking agents or other additives.

Beef Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods available with a nutrient profile that, in conjunction with a nutritious diet, can support energy metabolism, immunity, recovery and skin health.

Beef Liver provides uniquely high levels of essential nutrients, particularly preformed Vitamin A, B12 (Cobalamin), B2 (Riboflavin) and Copper.  It’s also one of the richest sources of B9 (Folate), Choline, Iron and CoQ10.

Our Beef Liver capsules are a convenient way of obtaining the benefits of beef liver for those who either don’t enjoy eating it, or cannot readily access high-quality liver fresh, in an easy-to-swallow, small size gelatin capsules.

Adult serving size:               4 capsules, 2 times daily
Total number capsules:       190
Capsule size:                        400mg
Amount per serving:            3.2g

Servings per container:        23.75

Storage instructions: Store sealed in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, below 25 degrees C.  If multiple bottles are purchased for later use, you can store these in the refrigerator (optional).

Pregnant women should consult with their health professional before consuming liver. 

Made in a facility that stores dairy and soy lecithin.

Manufactured in Australia for Saturée.

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amy zimmerman

A+ Liver Capsules *Certified Organic

Donna Jones
Noticed a difference

Within a week I felt the difference in taking these supplements.

Irene Attard
A liver tablets

These tablets help with skin, hair and brain fog. Mind is always clear. Constant energy and helps with sleep.

Donna McFarland

My nails are healthy

Tracy Bianco
A1 Product

Can't say enough about how great Saturee A+ liver capsules are. My energy levels were pretty low before taking them. I have enough energy to get me through the day and beyond.