Clean Casein - a pro-metabolic protein

Casein is the major protein in milk, and is naturally concentrated in cheeses and well-strained yoghurt.  And for reasons you'll read about below, your casein intake can also be easily topped up with a high quality, additive-free, micellar casein powder.

Casein is especially useful taken before bed; it's a particularly slow-digesting protein and because of this, it helps to prevent the muscle catabolism (breakdown) that happens through the night.


Casein reduces stress

"The main protein of milk, casein, seems to have some direct anti-stress effects" (Biswas, et al., 2003). – Ray Peat PhD

Dr Peat is referring to this study which showed casein may prevent acute stress effects by protecting adrenocortical activity (cortisol overproduction).


Casein is superior to Whey from a metabolic viewpoint

Casein is far superior to Whey in its amino acid profile.  Casein and Whey are the two proteins in milk; Casein makes up 80% of milk’s protein, Whey makes up the other 20%. Whey on its own contains too much of the anti-thyroid, pro-inflammatory, serotoninergic, stress-promoting amino acid Tryptophan.

“Whey, which is sold as a protein supplement, and egg whites, contain too much tryptophan and can be antithyroid if used excessively.” -Ray Peat PhD

"I think casein’s a great protein.  It’s unique among the complex proteins. It has a, still as of yet unexplained, profound anti-stress effect.   ... And casein actually is also unique in that it’s been shown to actually increase urinary excretion of unchanged tryptophan; something about casein prevents tryptophan from getting properly utilised once it’s inside the body, unlike whey.  And if you add a bit of gelatin the beneficial effect becomes even more pronounced.  So I have nothing but good things to say about casein.  I think that it’s a very underrated protein. It used to be all the rage in all the body-building circles in the 80’s and early 90’s and then they decided its better to eat a more synthetically derived versions … the industrial complex decided whey is the way to go, because you get a much quicker hypertrophy from whey which may be true but it's in a bad way, you’re getting this proliferative effect of the muscle but you’re absorbing a lot more water because whey is so insulinogenic.  Casein is a lot less so.  And anything that you eat that doesn’t stimulate the insulin response and then the glucose crash and then the cortisol response to that, it’s probably a good food. Whey is the exact opposite." - Georgi Dinkov, Biochemistry researcher, Founder of IdeaLabs DC, and conductor of his own laboratory studies.  Excerpt from a conversation with Danny Roddy #05 Bioenergenic News and Q&A 4/7/19

For more on the potentially anti-metabolic effects of excess tryptophan in foods like whey and muscle meat, we highly recommend reading this article: 

In a nutshell:


Casein improves metabolism and body composition

A study conducted in the Netherlands found that by increasing casein consumption, participants experienced a higher metabolic rate through the night, increased fat loss, and were on average 33% more satiated.

Casein is a complete protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids in a favourable ratio, notably high in leucine which directly activates muscle protein synthesis, making casein effective for muscle growth.


Casein improves sleep quality and duration

Further to the Netherlands study mentioned above, Casein’s effect on improving the metabolic rate through the night, reducing nighttime stress, leads to profound benefits to sleep quality and duration, reducing wakefulness also. We have countless testimonies from chronic insomniacs that attest to the benefits of adding Clean Casein to their evening hot chocolates.


Casein protects teeth

This UK study showed casein inhibits dental erosion.

Casein is also a decent source of Calcium, providing 645mg per 30g.


Clean Casein

Saturée Clean Casein is:

  • Australian made from grass-fed cow’s milk.
  • 100% pure, with no fillers, anti-caking agents, soy/sunflower lecithin, flavourings or any other additives.
  • contains 26g of complete protein and 5.4g Branched Chain Amino Acids per 30g.  *We recommend taking no more than 15g of casein at once, and taking this amount twice a day would be an excellent inclusion to the diet, if dietary protein was inadequate.


One word of caution:

Pure, unflavoured casein powder is not delicious! It can, however, be easily masked, in a flavour-packed smoothie for example.   

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