About Us

We are Kitty Blomfield co-founder of NuStrength and Emma Sgourakis, Certified Nutritionist at The Nutrition Coach. We've worked in parallel for years and have finally come together to create Saturée out of a need to provide high quality supplements and skin care that we literally could not find elsewhere.

We only want to source the best for ourselves and our clients and until now we found very little that we could endorse 100%, therefore we made it ourselves. 

For years clients have asked us what we recommend for topical skincare products and supplements that support the improvements they were making to their nutrition and daily habits through our coaching and consultations. And for years there were very few products we could recommend wholeheartedly or could access close to home. 

In particular we found it frustrating that there were limiting options for skincare based on stable saturated fats. Saturée was born out of a need to provide our clients and ourselves with truly saturated skincare. Saturée is French for saturated. And funnily enough the word is also used in France to describe being fed up.