Premium Collagen Hydrolysate

  • 100% hydrolysed collagen from bovine hide.
  • Unique anti-inflammatory amino acid profile.
  • Highly digestible collagen peptides.
  • Premium quality: 100% non-blended product, completely soluble.
  • 100% purity: no fillers, flow agents or additives.
  • Protein: 6.3g per Tablespoon.
  • Convenient: Cold water-soluble.

Some of the proven health and beauty benefits from regular, long-term use:

  • joint cartilage regrowth
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved body composition
  • increased bone density
  • improved gut integrity and digestion
  • more youthful, hydrated skin
  • healthier hair and stronger nails
 Suggested daily amount 2-6 Tbsp
Container size 700g / 24.7 oz loose powder
Single-serve 7g (1 Tbsp)
Total servings 100

Serving suggestion:  Mix 1-2 Tbsp into smoothies, coffee, juice, or other beverages.

Storage instructions: store sealed in a dry, cool place below 25 degrees C.

Nutritional Information: 

Average quantity per 7g (1 Tbsp) serve

 Energy 107kj
Protein  6.3g
Fat, Total 0g
- Saturated 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
- Sugars 0g
Sodium 1.4mg


Amino Acid Profile:   MOL%

 Alaine 11.1
Arginine 4.6
Aspartic Acid 5.0
Cysteine -
Glutamic Acid
Glycine  31.1
Histidine 0.8
Hydroxylysine 1.0
Hydroxyproline 10.30
Isoleucine 1.3
Leucine 2.3
Lysine 2.7
Methionine 0.7
Phenylalanine 1.4
Proline 12.3
Serine 3.3
Threonine 1.7
Tryptophan -
Tyrosine 0.6
Valine 2.3


Imported ingredients. *Note: due to limited manufacturing technology in Australia, there is no Australian Made Collagen Hydrolysate (although we’ll be the first to supply it when there is!) 

Manufactured for Saturée. Australian owned and operated.

Halal certified

Disclaimer: The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration).  These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Natalie W
Love this Collagen!

So easy to add to my coffee, not even anywhere near finishing my first tub, and already I can see the changes!
I normally struggle with extremely dry skin on my hands and elbows, now they are silky soft. Looking forward to the longer term benefits as this has now become part of my daily routine.

Game Changer

The collagen for me has been a game changer. No more soreness in joints in my hands, knees & my skin just glows. Nails & hair super healthy too. Wouldn’t go without it.

Kate Moore

Premium Collagen Hydrolysate

Premium Collagen

I put it in my morning coffee and it works a treat.

Beyond amazing!!!

I ordered my collagen day before yesterday. And it arrived today. And I’m not even in the same state. Fuck but this is beyond amazing. Kitty and her team is beyond amazing.

The collagen itself Is the purist I have found anywhere. I am hooked. I have done a lot of other things to improve my nutrition Including adding this collagen to my main meals. And I have piece of mind that I am getting all of the required nutrients when I eat my meals with it. I don’t have to worry about making bone broth any more. I even add this to my ice cream and any cakes I make to increase the content of pro thyroid amino acids and protein. I just love this product.