Ray Peat Tribute and Resources

Dr. Ray Peat passed away 24/11/22.


It’s because of Ray, and the knowledge he shared, that Saturée exists. We, Kitty and Emma, are forever grateful to him for the understanding he gave us about the importance of limiting polyunsaturated fats, instead opting for protective, old fashioned saturated fats (thus the name, Saturée, French for saturated). His integrity motivates our ethos, to make genuinely good things, backed by unbiased science, with quality not profit margin our motivation, and a need to empower our clients and customers with knowledge. Ray graciously guided us when it came to researching ingredients and formulating, and wholeheartedly encouraged what we were doing.

Ray’s work also inspired the pro-metabolic framework of out individual businesses over the last decade, The Nutrition Coach and NuStrength.

For anyone unfamiliar with his work, it’s impossible to sum up his genius, the enormity of the knowledge he’s given to so many over his lifetime, and the legacy he’s left, but here’s a humble attempt by Emma

Ray Peat had a Ph.D. in Biology with a specialisation in Physiology, and an understanding of hormones, thyroid and cell metabolism like no one else.  He saw health from a 40,000 foot view and taught us what it takes to reduce biological stress, increase energy, and function more youthfully.  His key idea: that energy and structure are interdependent. He inspired the "Pro-Metabolic" perspective. He blew my mind and gained all of my attention when I first stumbled across this article in 2011.  Although he wasn't a "Nutritionist" and never claimed to be, he gave me more clarity on the topic of Nutrition than any "Nutritionist" ever did.  Not only was he a brilliant Scientist, he was a natural Philosopher, and a passionate Painter. A true genius decades ahead of his time, yet the most humble man, generously giving his knowledge for free, to anyone who would email him.  Not an ounce of ego about him, with a level of integrity so rare these days. He touched, improved and enlightened the lives of so many. Hear some of the many heartfelt tributes here.

I am forever grateful to him for the kindness and generosity he showed me over the years, as he did for countless other health/truth seekers.  He enabled me to expand my thinking which improved my career and life in every way.  I was lucky to connect with him directly, participating in group discussions and podcasts with him.  The way I've been able to help clients through the knowledge he shared, I never would've been able to do with the standard University "education" I had.

What I actually admired most about Ray was his courage to question the standard narrative, not only in the realm of food and Pharma, but with everything going on in the world.  He was wide awake. Anti-authoritarian. The original critical thinker.  He could think outside the system.  Inspirational beyond words.

Thank you forever Ray.


We, and others who remotely knew him feel a huge urge to compile all of the Ray Peat resources out there to preserve his legacy. He has left us with enough information to keep us learning for lifetimes.  This list is by no means exhaustive; we will add to it over time.

Ray Peat's website and articles here

Extensive list of links to Ray Peat audio interviews here * not completely up to date

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And to purchase Dr. Peat's original elixir Protest-E, go to this link here


* Photo credit: perceivethinkact.com