Pure Oyster Capsules
Pure Oyster Capsules

Pure Oyster Capsules

75 capsules (400mg)
56 Reviews
“How amazing to be able to have this in tablet form. If you can't regularly have access to fresh oysters this is the next best thing! So grateful for this amazing product. Feeling great!” – Amie
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100% Australian oyster meat, from pristine Tasmanian waters. 
Non-defatted leaving fat-soluble nutrients intact. 
Freeze-dried for least nutrient loss and preserved biological activity. 
100% Purity: no fillers, preservatives, anti-caking agents or other additives.

Oysters are uniquely nutrient-dense, containing significant levels of essential nutrients, in balanced ratios, including Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Vitamin B12, Iodine and Selenium. Oysters consumed along with beef liver provide the most complex section of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals of any food.

Oysters’ nutrient profile make them particularly important for:

  • Immunity
  • Fertility
  • Skin health
  • Supports healthy metabolism and thyroid function

Our Pure Oyster capsules are a convenient and cost-effective way of accessing the nutritional benefits of oysters for those that can’t access fresh oysters, or don’t enjoy eating them, in easy-to-swallow, small size vegetarian capsules.

For more info about the incredible benefits Read More

Adult serving size: 3 capsules daily
Total number of capsules: 75
Capsule size: 400 mg
Amount per serving: 1.2 g
Servings per container: 25

Storage instructions: Store sealed in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, below 25 degrees C. Pregnant women should consult with their health professional before consuming oysters. Contains shellfish. Avoid if allergic to shellfish.

Average quantity per 1.2 gram (3 capsule) serve:

Energy19.9 kj
Protein559 mg
Fat, Total134 mg
- Saturated68 mg
- Trans<1 g
- Polyunsaturated37 mg
- Monounsaturated26 mg
Carbohydrate283 mg
- Sugars12 mg
Sodium18 mg

NutrientPer Serve - 1200mg/1.2g (3 capsules)Per 100g
Copper68.4 mcg5.70 mg
Iron111.6 mcg9.30 mcg
Manganese26.4 mcg2.20 mg
Selenium3.24 mcg0.27 mg
Zinc396 mcg33.0 mg
Iodine10.32 mcg0.86 mg
Vitamin B121.44 mcg120 mcg
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin9.36 mcg0.78 mg
Vitamin B3 Niacin7.56 mcg6.3 mg

Vitamin E

6.00 mcg0.5 mg
Vitamin D2<6 mcg<0.5 mcg
Vitamin D3<6 mcg<0.5 mcg

Tasmania Oyster Meat, Cellulose Capsule.

Supports immunity

Improves skin quality

Boosts fertility

Painstakingly sourced from pristine Tasmanian waters, the oyster meat is freeze-dried form its fresh state (not previously frozen and thawed). Our capsules contain nothing but 100% oyster meat powder, with not a single filler or additive to dilute their potency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We think it's important to consume both liver and oysters regularly in your diet as they both contain a unique and varied spectrum of nutrients. By having both in your diet you’ll cover more essential nutrients.

Oysters being a shellfish is obviously not for you all the more reason to consume liver.

Most people find that by taking with or immediately after food they go down better and won’t repeat on them.

Disclaimer: For pregnant and breastfeeding women we recommend you consult with your healthcare professional before consuming.

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Australia Australia

Love these!

I am taking these alongside the A+ Liver and geez the difference in my iron levels is just incredible. I have so much more energy too!

Australia Australia

Good price for the quality

I love eating natural oyster but it’s hard to find good quality without a high price tag. With Saturee I know I’m getting all the great benefits for the same price as the lesser quality oysters found in supermarkets.

Saturée Pure Oyster Capsules Review
Australia Australia

Pure Oyster

Supreme quality, customer service and delivery!

Vanessa C.
United States United States


Best oyster capsules I've found

Roger F.
Australia Australia

A Great Product!

I've known for years how beneficial Oysters are for health and vitality. Being able to enjoy the benefits of Oyster consumption, no matter where I go and without the fuss of keeping fresh oysters fresh, in my busy life is great! Pure Oyster has become an integral part of my daily supplement/diet combination.

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