Oysters, the natural multi-mineral wholefood supplement

Oysters contain abundant, bioavailable zinc*. Zinc is antiviral, supports vitamin A usage (critical for hormone production), hydrochloric acid production, aids in skin health, and is important in sexual health and fertility.

*Important to note: taking zinc in a wholefood form such as oysters is far preferable to taking zinc alone which can quickly create a copper deficiency.

Oysters contain a good amount of iron, but most importantly, they also contain plentiful bioavailable copper which is protective against iron excess.

"A deficiency of copper causes our tissues to retain an excess of iron, so foods such as shrimp and oysters which contain abundant copper should be used regularly." - Ray Peat, PhD

Oysters contain selenium which is protective against, among other things, the damage that PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) cause.

Oysters also contain B12 and other B vitamins, Manganese, Iodine and Vitamin D. Next to liver oysters are an incredible, natural, multi-Vitamin / Mineral food supplement. 

The source of the oysters you consume is crucial; they should be collected fresh from the cleanest waters. Most canned oysters come from Asia, so too do most encapsulated oyster supplements. Furthermore, many of the Australian and New Zealand brands of oyster capsules actually source oyster meat out of Asia. 

When freshly shucked, high quality oysters are not available, we created Saturée Pure Oyster capsules to fill the gap. Our capsules are:

• 100% oyster meat, no fillers or additives
• Freeze-dried for least nutrient loss
• 100% Australian oysters

Sourced directly from pristine Tasmanian waters, the oyster meat is freeze-dried from its fresh state (not previously frozen and thawed) for best preservation of biological function. Our capsules contain nothing but 100% oyster meat powder, with not a single filler, flow agent or additive to dilute its potency.

The next best thing to eating fresh oysters, when you can’t get them (or don’t enjoy them), and a perfect partner to our A+ Liver capsules for the broadest spectrum of nutrients.

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