Premium Collagen

Premium Collagen

700 g 24.7 oz
“I am over the moon with my Saturée Premium Collagen. My bad knee doesn’t ache like it used to and my hair and nails are amazing.” – Kathy Howard
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100% hydrolysed collagen from bovine hide. Unique anti-inflammatory amino acid profile. Highly digestible collagen peptides. Premium quality: 100% non-blended product, completely soluble. 100% purity: no fillers, flow agents or additives.

This anti-inflammatory amino acid balance helps also to regulate metabolism, maintain lean muscle mass, preserve bone strength and joint mobility and regulate cellular health. Consuming dietary gelatin / collagen hydrolysate supports your body in normalising its own collagen production, which results in prevention and reduction of skin wrinkling. Using a high powered red light device like this one can be beneficial in the same way. It's a convenient way to increase your collagen intake. Our premium collagen dissolves easily in hot and cold drinks.

Some of the proven health and beauty benefits from regular, long-term use:

  • joint cartilage regrowth
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved body composition
  • increased bone density
  • improved gut integrity and digestion
  • more youthful, hydrated skin
  • healthier hair and stronger nails

Benefits - Learn More

Suggested daily amount: 2-6 Tbsp
Container size: 700g / 24.7 oz loose powder
Single-serve: 7g (1 Tbsp) 6.3g protein per tbsp
Total servings: 100

Serving suggestion: Mix 1-2 Tbsp into smoothies, coffee, juice, or other beverages.

Storage instructions: store sealed in a dry, cool place below 25 degrees C.

Fat, Total0.4g
- Saturated 0.3g
- Sugars1.4g

Amino Acid Profile:

 Amino AcidAve. mg per 100g
Aspartic Acid7799
Glutamic Acid20854

Hydrolysed collagen from bovine hide.

Heals damaged intestinal lining

Improves joint mobility

More youthful hydrated skin

Amino acids make up proteins and the particular ratios of certain amino acids make the protein in question either pro-inflammatory or non-inflammatory to the body when eaten.  Collagen Hydrolysate (and Gelatin) contains only minimal cysteine, and no tryptophan: these amino acids are inflammatory, inhibit thyroid function, depresses immunity, decrease the body's ability to withstand stress and are associated with many problems of degeneration and ageing. On the other hand it’s the richest source of glycine and proline, the amino acids that lower inflammation and restore the integrity of the joints, intestines, skin, hair and nails.
Collagen Hydrolysate can be dissolved in cold liquids and won't gel like gelatin, so it’s easy to add to coffee, juice, smoothies … anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it seems lumpy and isn’t dissolving easily you can try dissolving it first with a dash of hot water from the kettle. Give it a good stir and make sure it's clear and then add your juice etc. You can also blend it with the liquid in a blender. It’s great in smoothies

Our collagen is of the highest grade available made in Germany. There is no 100% Australian Made Collagen Hydrolysate (although we’ll be the first to supply it when there is!).


Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Serena Povey
Premium Collagen

I highly recommend it! I have it in my coffee each day and just love it. I can’t help but notice such a difference overall to how my body is running and can’t wait to see how my hair, skin and nails reap the results over time 👌🏽 Congrats Saturee on such a great product!!

Danielle Quinn
Cant be without it

Both my husband and I use the collagen in our morning coffee. We love the creaminess it gives it and sometimes forget about the health benefits.
If we ever make the mistake of running out we soon realise just how good our bodies were feeling while we were on it. I've signed up to the subscription now so we never run out and have even got a few friends and family on to it. All notice the difference when they start it and realise wmhow good it was when they stop.

Nadia Konakh
Great collagen

Dissolves easily, tastes great(taste less)noticeably stronger nails. Doesn’t give me a headache like another collagen brand that I’ve tried.

Carmel Wells
Premium Collagen

I have been using the Premium Collagen for a couple of years. I find that my hair is thicker and my nails are stronger, and in combination with other dietary changes I've made I feel like my gut health is better.

I add it to yoghurt and smoothies or juice.

Best ever

I’ve tried a few different collegen powders but saturee is the best one dissolves easily and tasteless.

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